I began writing on Yours a year ago. But since then I’ve been concentrating on writing on HubPages and Medium -- two venues were I make a decent income from my content.
However, I just recently checked out what’s been happening here at Yours. I wasn’t even paying attention for several months, and just learned about the fork of Bitcoin Cash, splitting it to two-thirds Bitcoin Cash and one-third Bitcoin SV.
Well, I don’t know if I lost two-thirds of my value now that I only see BSV in my account here with Yours. Maybe someone can enlighten me to that (No fee for commenting). Did Yours just drop the other fork? Or did they combine them together under BSV?
I also noticed the addition of the charity section. Although I have nothing against this practice, I’m noticing that these posts get elevated to the “hot” status so that they appear all over the place (in our face). I question the authenticity of these posts and I wonder if Yours is vetting them at all. Failure to confirm their validity can lead to failure of the Yours business.
In any case, I’m going to be testing the waters here again (posting to the general category), mainly out of curiosity and for a learning experience about the way Yours is developing their platform.
I’ve been on many writing platforms in the past ten years, and I’ve seen them come and go. I even predicted the demise of a few, with warnings to other writers. I don’t see Yours disappearing any time soon though, but I do like to keep abreast of developments.
So going forward, you’ll see me post some articles on general interest and enlightening discussions here on Yours. But I won’t be posting about Bitcoin any longer as I had done a year ago. I gave up with those investments.