I think that everyone's dream is to finish the projects that begin and there is nothing more satisfying than to reach the end after so much effort, so much sweat and so many tears, whatever the subject is, our whole life is full of obstacles, comments and thoughts that can curb our dreams, but we always have to be bigger than them to be able to get ahead, whatever we have to do.
My little story of my dream, is that I did not want to study this career, it all started with my dream of wanting to study medicine, but after so many attempts I could not stay, since the demand is very high for the university where I took the exam.
After a while my father told me to study Administration, I was not very sure, but it was only for a while, since I would continue trying to enter the medical career.
But for things of destiny, I decided not to study Medicine and continue with the Administration career which I ended up falling in love little by little.
The only thing I thought was how wonderful it would be the day I graduated and could exercise what I love, which for my luck is just what I was studying.
I also managed to find in my way wonderful people who always supported me to continue fighting for my dream.
But the most important thing of all this way, is to reach the goal and have the most important beings with you, to be able to give that gift to those who gave us life and to those who spent the night with me on study nights, who took you from your hand and dried your tears when you died of stress and silly worries.
Those people are, my mom who, despite being through a hard illness, was always the strongest person in the world, my dad who although he died when I was just in my second year of career, always i felt that he was supporting me and motivating me to be better.
This triumph is not only mine, it is yours Dad and Mom who never gave up on me.
And how not to thank Yours.org for helping me pay for so many things in my career: books, copies, prints, meals. those little things that helped me to emerge and that are very important to keep you active in class.
Very grateful to all of you, God bless you