Good morning friend first of all I want to tell you that my name is Daniela Anton, my previous account was @dani01, I really do not know why reason from one moment to another appeared blocked and I could not comment or write more, I am not a spam, I am a person totally real and very sincere.
Friend @-ed- days ago I wonder how Carlos Raul and I followed and I could not answer because I blocked the account was suspended and I do not know the reasons why I have written to support @Ryanxcharles have not yet answered me.
Well I'm still very bad, because I need to move to my city and no foundation account to help move, logically covers some medications exams and things like that, Carlos Raul a little stable but very very thin is not eating well right now we found in the hostel waiting to be able to get money to move, the only thing is that I managed to go to a traumatologo doctor and they treated me very well, a treatment they sent me and I had to comply with it to avoid having to be operated.
As I told you before, what life has my 8 year old son taking care of now.



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