So I just started a new tech job here in Michigan. I am a dairy farm IT Technician. We install cameras, use RFID to track cows, and generally bring farms into the tech domain. Its a fun and rewarding job, but unfortunately I have no attire that works. I recently sold my home in Detroit and moved onto acreage outside of Battle Creek. I own my home outright and have no debt. I am also squarely in the working poor income bracket. I know that the future is Bitcoin Cash and I have been bringing it up to every farmer I meet. Its a currency for everybody. If someone could link me to a website that sells clothes for Bitcoin Cash I would be greatly appreciative. Also if anyone feels like contributing to my success, please tip or comment. I know this is nowhere near the level of need Venezuela has, but it cant hurt to put it out there. Im a regular guy, 4 kids, living out in the countryside of Michigan. I now have regular employment in the tech industry and im very happy. I just have no work clothes! Nothing behind the paywall.
I get work shirts for free, I just need a few khaki pants and some new shoes. (My boots are so worn they are currently held together by screws.)
Thanks for reading, and know that the farmers of Southwest Michigan are being educated and participating in, Bitcoin Cash.



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you can use to save some $$ on BCH purchases for anything on
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Open bazaar has some clothes
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