Hello friends, in view of the difficulties we are experiencing in Venezuela, I have decided to leverage a little the situation of my home by starting a small business doing what I like to cook, since although I have a job my salary does not cover all the basic needs of my home and every day I fear more than my two children stop studying for lack of resources and to sustain a little the situation of my family I started a small sale of empanadas that is a quick breakfast in Venezuela and that for some it is an option to give to your little ones to snack at school.
 The idea came to me thanks to the crisis in Venezuela we stopped buying them and decided to make them myself and many neighbors think they are very rich and then action! I've been preparing them for two weeks now, only that I decapitalize myself because of the way the economy behaves in my country, where speculation is present every day in the shops and in my production cost I spent 180,000.00bsS and I only obtained 200,000.00 bsS for sale when I went to buy this week for the cost of production I must have approximately 500,000.00bsS to make only 50 empanadas which would have a cost of 15,000.00 which would be a total of 750,000.00 total in sales, would have the 500,000.00 for to invest again and I would have 250,000.00 to complete some inflation in the materials and help my family, I explain these for the reason that they support me to make this idea feel like it is nothing of health but if it is about having a Better life in Venezuela.
to conclude I would need $ 40 which is the equivalent of 750,000.00bsS to the current change in venzuela beforehand thanks and happy sunday.
The last photo is of my son who thanks to yours could operate and soon recovers thanks to the person who made the donation owed it



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