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Afghanistan, Libya, Syria, Iraq, Somalia, and many many others... all US coming in to "bring freedom and democracy"... Venezuela is victim of the same US Imperialism, and people have the nerve to blame things on Socialism?
Anyway, i am glad you understand there are many more worse things happening in the worlds, Yemen is another war zone, also created by US armed and supported Saudi Arabia, nation of worst human right violations, and Israel... and western media is all quiet about it, and all they talk about is Russia this and Russia that, Russia meddling, Russian trolls while US has been on decades of wars started by them, based on blatant lies and fabrication of events, same way how they attacked Vietnam, killing 3 million people there... and their wars and Capitalist imperialism never stops... and people still have the nerve to say that Socialism is somehow bad... people ask how are we going to pay for schools and health, while at the same time spending so much on wars and destruction of other people's lives... such hypocrisy... it really pissed me off.
PS: Sorry about my rant... but people need to hear about this and stop listening to western TV, Fake news and propaganda from them.
   10mo ago