Venezuela is becoming the worst hell for the sick, at this time I can finally say that I achieved a lot after finding my mother's medicines on the border with Venezuela.
Thank you very much to all
I want to thank all the people who helped me in my last publication. I believe that my mother was already dead if I had not known Bitcoin Cash, everything that I managed to raise, I was able to buy the medicines, and travel to the border, which is the place where I could find these medicines.
The government announced new economic measures, but unfortunately in the street a completely different reality is lived, I feel so helpless with the fact that I managed to raise a lot the last time and in less than two months because of the crisis that becomes less of what it should have been.
The date of my mother's operation is already close, and I am nervous but at the same time I am full of faith, because I know that with God I will be able to save my mother, I do not know what else I can do, I can not get work There are in these times.
I wanted to sing again but I'm not in the mood to do it, I do not find motivation to sing and get home to see my mother lying in pain
I was able to travel and buy the medicines, but with the operation being so close I am very nervous and the money in this country is very fast. Again I ask God to touch their hearts is the life of my mother that is at stake, and I know that I am not the only one, and I ask them to help others because I really never thought to live all this.
I need more of your help, I do not know how to give more thanks, what I can do is promise that soon I will make music videos as soon as my mother recovers, soon I will make videos where I can show her alive and recovering after the operation.
The operation is valued at almost $ 200 or approximately $ 2,000,000,000 Bolivares ... no mortal in Venezuela could reach that amount, working and asking for help. but with the strength of God and the other aid campaigns that I am doing I think I can achieve at least something for the treatment, I have no idea how but I am sure that somehow I will get close to that sifra
Thank you very much to everyone, from my heart



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