Actually, as every person who lives in Venezuela nowadays, I have serious economic problems, I actually dont have a job, because its very difficult for me to work, and this are some reasons why working in Venezuela doesn't work:
- Minimum salary is the equivalent to 9 dollars a month and that doesnt last for 3 days of food
- Public transport is very scarce, Its a nightmare, and streets are dangerous, crime rate is very high due to economic situation of the most needy
- Private sector is almost taken by the government and they only give job to the ones who are involved with the ''socialist revolution'', no matter if they dont do the work really well
- I can only find shitty and underpaid jobs near home

So the only alternative is to be a freelancer, offer my services on internet, my computer and internet are actually the only tools I have to make money, so, I'll be offering my services.
- Translator and interpreter (English / Spanish/ Russian)
- Community Manager
- Basic graphic design and photo edition
- Creative writing
- Video editing
If you need any other job that doesn't appear in this list, just ask, If I cannot do it, I'm totally sure I know someone that can have that work you need done and you can pay with BSV
I dont beg you for money, I just need a job, let me have an opportunity, I need to eat and help my family I will be always grateful with you and I know life will pay you for your good deed.
I'm actually trying to start my own little company, but first I need enough money to start it, I've already joined fivebucks and created a profile, I'm currently waiting for somebody to hire me.
If you're interested, and you need any work done I can do it for you, only BSV is accepted, so that way we can incentive the use of this coin.
Thanks to all Yours community for been so generous with other venezuelans, but remember, there's a lot of scammers, and its difficult to know the truth, dont fall into the trap.
If you have any other idea of where I can find a job, please let me know.


Alberto Alarcón


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I just had a thought, can you create Spanish subtitles for my YouTube videos?
Someone asked me few days ago (maybe 1-2 weeks ago) if I could add Spanish subtitles so that they can understand what I am saying, and as I don't know Spanish I can't do it.
What do you think?
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email me
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