Good friends of this community, I am in the process of undertaking with the BCH in my city I would like you to help me with advice to know what I should take into account to be successful, all are free to comment without any price.
Several days ago I had the idea of ​​creating a small house of changes in my city, a place where you can go to sell and buy BCH and not only that, if you own a business is Panaderia, charcuterie, barber, super market, liquor store among others you can receive instructions to receive payments at BCH, you will receive a chat from the BCH and its benefits when adopting it.
This way I would be promoting the BCH in my city since people with availability of this cryptocurrency can make purchases in their city and people who do not have this crypto can buy them and receive talks on how to get it.
I think that this thought will serve to lower a the problem in my country due to the bad service of the local banks with this method we would be decentralizing the purchases in my city.
But I need your help, how can you help me by simply giving me ideas of how to start what I should do that I must take into account before launching myself fully into the project.
Well, I'm only 18 years old currently studying Business Administration I do not have enough knowledge but I want to take a chance and I feel that I will succeedI currently do not have any capital I have been offering for freelance jobs, making the pages of advertising that offer earnings in cryptocurrencies I hope to get to raise capital and venture into this project.

What do you think? leave me your advice



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I am not a business minded person so I can't help you with such advice, sometimes you just have to give it a crack, see what works and what doesn't and adjust accordingly. Hardest thing is to just start doing it.
   9mo ago
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Thank you friend -ED- for your contribution I will risk to see how I am doing but after leaving this little problem that I have now
   8mo ago