Hello Community of YOURS! Personally, I am very grateful to this community and platform that have helped so many people in Venezuela, thus demonstrating another use of cryptocurrencies for the benefit of society.
Since I am in YOURS I have tried to create quality content to finance my cooking studies and become an executive CHEF. However, I have not been able to achieve it satisfactorily, the situation in Venezuela (my country) has become unbearable.
For a month, there are failures in the electric service that last up to 5 days. Food and water are scarce. Due to the lack of service, the restaurant where I work has not reopened to the public. And I have not been able to work. I have not been able to work on the internet because of service failures.
Friend of YOURS, I am absolutely desperate not to go hungry again. I have already lived it and it is a terrible and devastating experience. Support me to raise $ 300 to be able to:
1) Feed my family.
2) Start a buying and selling business, and thus be able to feed my family and help in community.
We are all having a very bad time in Venezuela: the situation is very critical. I hope you can and decide to help me. Thank you.


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