Hello dear friends and everyone knows me this community, it is not too much to tell them that the times that have helped me I have shown them the results of the exams and what I have done with what they have helped me,
Well Carlos Raul, this time after a few months need a series of exams which are too expensive, in my community my neighbors have made a fundraising, in the streets to help my child, as I can not stay with my hands crossed waiting I also started to make a raffle to try to raise funds, by all means to which I can access I have written asking for help, I must reach the approximate sum of 1,890,000 Bs that the change would be an approximate $ 675, of course by other means we are also raising to see how much we achieve, I am satisfied with what is within their reach, really the need of each person.

Once again she sends him to do a series of special tests such as Virtual PET, tomography, laboratory tests, all those who imagine and those who do not imagine too, until the month of December he was with his chemotherapy treatments and for this month he They sent all the exams to know in what state they are and if they need another treatment.

Friend @-ed- although in this opportunity you can not help me well to understand it, I know that you know more the case of my son than many in this community.
Sorry friend @ryanxcharles, for coming to your page to ask for help


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Hello friend @-ed- please I ask you to help me if it is in your possibility, I am desperate, I need to do tomography control and virtual pet my son, talk to the doctor and tells me that I should do it as soon as possible I should not play with the health of Carlos Raul, remember that he is not a healthy child and he already has many days with fever. Please, I ask you to help me, although in some way I can help you, design, or some other work that I can do remotely I am willing. I am urged, in spite of all the help that they have given me, it is not enough to reach the totality of what Carlos needs, already with 8 years old and he is very thin.
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