Hello my friends of Yours.org, how are you today! I hope very well! today I bring you some pictures of a very beautiful place on the outskirts of my city, it is an animal shelter that I visited recently and I decided to take some pictures to share with you.
this shelter is home to 15 dogs and a beautiful cat, actually it is a family home that its owner has gradually become a refuge for those animals that are unfortunately homeless or have gone through ugly moments in their lives , it is only a few minutes away from the city where I live and it is very beautiful and the experience of living with them is much better. As you will see later on, you see that the puppies are very well cared for and they are fat, that is because all the people that go to the shelter are asked for a bag of vegetable and vegetable shells to make a very rich soup to them, apart from the soup they also eat dog food and everything people want to take ... In spite of the situation that my country is living, these animals are very well, they have a house to sleep in and a lot of food, thanks to the owner of the place they do not lack anything and they are very happy. and this is where I get a little serious, and more with the people who live in Venezuela! I know that due to the situation in the country, many people have abandoned their animals, leaving them in misery and taking care of anyone, but just as there are people who leave, I know there are many people willing to lend a hand to these animals.
That for many is very difficult since the money does not reach at all, but at least we can provide them with some water or the leftovers of our food, it is very important that we do not buy animals in the stores it is easier to adopt, if you can not adopt can provide a temporary home, if you can not provide a temporary home you can support with money or food and if this is very difficult for you, spread the information, come on! helping an animal on the street will not change the world, but it will change the world of that animal!!



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