Greetings, I hope you are very well. As you have read in the title I would like to receive your support for me to become a professional chef. If you are here, it is because, like me, you think that cryptocurrencies are changing the World. I want to become a professional chef because I love cooking and cooking. Cooking is a very noble act where you can give love to people while you feed them.

Why do I ask for help?

The reason why I ask for your support is because in my country Venezuela, the economic situation is TERRIBLE, and even if I work as a chef in a restaurant, my salary does not cover my cooking expenses. And is that apart from my cooking classes I have to cover the expenses of my house: food, services … I live with my mother and my older brother (who is sick), so I am in charge of bringing food and money to home.
It is really difficult to explain how life in Venezuela is carried out. Imagine, you earn 1.5 $ per month and everything here is the same as other countries … can you live with 1.5 $ per month? I live in a country with superinflation and prices are constantly rising and rising. For this reason a good strategy is to have a reserve of money in another currency or cryptocurrency that is not devalued.

What is the OBJETIVE?

This situation has made it difficult for me to afford my cooking classes. The objective for this campaign is to obtain a fund only to buy the ingredients that I must bring to each class, because, this is the highest expense I have. While with my work, my mother’s retirement and my brother’s work, we bear the expenses of the house.

Why use BCh?

I am a cryptocurrency enthusiast and if you are here maybe you think the same, cryptocurrencies are changing the world and lives of many people. So you can contribute to change mine. I use this platform and BCH because I can immediately have the funds collected without any type of intermediaries. I also have a blog on YOURS.ORG where you can see my progress as a chef, as well as my social networks.

How much is necessary?

Per week, I spend between $ 4 to $ 6. And there are still 32 weeks to complete the classes. So I would need at least $ 130 and maximum $ 200. For unforeseen expenses I place the goal $ 200.

Who I am?

My name is Ramón Oropeza, I am 24 years old and I live in Venezuela. I want to be a great chef and make a career in kitchens around the world. I am also an enthusiast of cryptocurrencies and in the future I want to invest and implement projects related to cryptocurrencies and blockchain. If you decide to support me, I will be very grateful.
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