In a recent statement, IBM announced an alliance with Veridium Labs to tokenize carbon credits in this way will optimally track carbon footprints through a platform based on Blockchain Technology.
According to the CEO and co-founder of Veridium. Todd Lemons has recently seen how diverse companies are using Blockchain in search of an improvement of the environment, in this case, the use of technology to measure carbon emissions through the supply chain will address the problems of global warming.
The digital tokens issued by Veridium, which will be available in the Stellar blockchain, will be backed by environmental assets such as Triple Gold REDD + credits from InfiniteEARTH, according to Jared E. Klee. IBM Blockchain offer manager, IBM continues its commitment to protecting the environment through its partnership with Veridium, the Veridium token issue not only presents a powerful environmental compensation solution, but will also open up new funding opportunities for critical initiatives such as the Infinite-Earth rainforest reserve, for IBM Innovative technologies such as blockchain technology can make this world a better place.

To be attentive since the use of blockchain technology to reduce the environmental impact of various industries has already been proven all over the world, in May the Blockchain Productivist company announced that the manufacturing capabilities of its interpersonal network assignment worldwide They can reduce the carbon footprint of a project, making it easier for companies to find local manufacturers and in February of this year LO3 Energy developed the Blockchain-based Brooklyn Microgrid to allow solar power producers to sell excess green energy to other users. the platform.


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