ICOs era is over and nowadays, new projects and 'companies' got new ways to attract users and to sell their shit tokens.
The real problem is there are a ton of shit tokens and this creates confusion.
Which is legit?
All the projects organise airdrops thinking some of the people will buy their tokens but it seems now only airdrop hunters join the airdrops and not those who are really interested to invest in the project or who believe in the project.
This is very bad, every project which organise an airdrop nowadays is losing, it's not a win-win situation anymore.
Did you hear about IEO?
Initial Exchange Offering is now more common than ICOs but those are not working as before.
Very few projects fullfil their soft cap in the IEOs and that's also because of the bad projects of whose tokens got dumped immediately they got listed on the exchange.
Don't even think to join IEOs on every average exchange, 99,9% of the tokens are dumped. I've seen very few tokens who got a bigger value than what it was in the IEO and the exchange was Binance.
This whole situation is bad for fake projects & newbie investors but it's good for crypto space.
Now only the real projects with a big amount of funds for advertising survive and have a chance for a higher rank on coinmarketcap or coingecko.
Bye bye scammers.
Everytime you see a project that asks you money for 50% discount on their tokens, everytime you see a project that claims it will be listed on Binance, everytime you see a project with big mistakes on their website....just....RUN.
Work hard & never give up! Cheers.


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