I hear often in discussions, Twitter wars and threads about Bitcoin that "Lightning Network is going to solve all of Bitcoin's problems and that it will be true digital cash."
Merits of Lightening Network aside (there likely aren't any), I find it hard to believe that anyone who is serious about Bitcoin being a true digital cash would jeapordize that by putting faith in some new tech that has been "1 year away" for the past few years.
Even if they believed in Lightning Network (I use the religious tone intentionally), they would have taken steps in the short term before it came.
If they wanted Bitcoin to be digital cash, they would have raised the block size. Even 1 mb, though not sufficient, would have been a gesture in the right direction.
If they wanted Bitcoin to be digital cash, they would not allowed business after business, many of which took years to start accepting Bitcoin, to drop Bitcoin as a payment method. They would have taken steps immediately to reduce fees and transaction times. It may be a long time again before we get those businesses back.
If they wanted Bitcoin to be digital cash, they would not sneer and jeer that anyone who wants to "buy coffee with Bitcoin" is an idiot.
If they wanted Bitcoin to be digital cash, they would not be pushing alt coins as digital cash and Bitcoin as digital gold. Nor would they be telling people to "just use Visa."
It's high time we stopped allowing them to use the false god of Lightning Network as a distraction from the ugly fact that they do not care about the original vision of Bitcoin and they do not care about a store of value that is also useful as cash.


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Core is betting the farm on completely new unproven technology. Even if lightning works technically , how user friendly is it ? I think not so much, crypto currencies are already not too user friendly, just ask yourself how long did it take you to even understand how the lighting network is suppose to work ?, now imagine how your dad is going to get the hang of it all. I don' t even think lightning network has to actually work, it only has to sound like it could work in the future, to get more new investors in, i.e. the ones that are a bit smarter economically and understand that if something has no use then it also has no value. With merchants dropping bitcoin as a payment option it becomes less useful every day, but lightning will come to the rescue soon, maybe
   2yr ago