This is still about Bitcoin Cash... its bit of a rant of mine :-)


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Good one. Thank You Ed.
   8mo ago
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Hey Ed, I agree with your idea that “bad” people in peace time often end up as “hero’s” in war time. I’ve read a lot about resistance groups under German occupation (WW2) in the Netherlands. It turns out that a lot of them, before the war, were involved with all sorts of organized crime and smuggling etc. It kind of makes sense because such groups already were organized and new how to communicate, distribute goods and trade, obtain weapons outside of state control. Such people often have creative minds. Just because they don’t follow the rules at peace time doesn’t mean they have no morality or ethics. The kind of people that have the guts to bend or break the rules at peace time, are often the same that are brave enough to resist and fight for the greater cause when it is really needed.
   8mo ago
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