This Thursday, April 11, everyone watches with attention the arrest of Assange, a journalist who published thousands of secret documents of the actions of the US government where they reveal questionable ways of proceeding before the global geopolitics of the United States.
Recall that Assange was Asilado in the Embassy of Ecuador in London after having published the WikiLeaks documents, in the ecubajada ecuador was for about 6 years.
Now it is the British Government that must watch over the lives of some of the journalists most wanted by the US government and it is the latter who will logically ask for the following extradition that to my way of thinking is illegal from the government of Ecuador, that in its same legislation it expresses that Assange received the Ecuadorian Citizenship and that it is express prohibition of the Constitution to give in extradition to a Citizen of Ecuador
However, the Government of Ecuador asked for guarantees of life and not receive torture before delivering it to the British authorities.

Let's see now how will the friction of the United States and the United Kingdom be with the case of Assange.



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