Exodus, humanitarian crisis, famine ... The war propaganda against Bolivarian Venezuela uses feelings "to the weight" to condition public opinion, directing "indignation". The focus is on young people, attracted by images of apparent transgression "against power". The big agencies that study cultural conditioning, the CIA professionals, like the brand hunters of the big multinational companies, are aware of what are the keys to act: especially in Europe, where, with the complicity of a certain left, unpredictable concepts have become the parameters of the class struggle, which requires a consequence between words and deeds.
And so, it is enough to spread the mask of « anonymus » on social networks, to capture the «rebellion» of some young people indignant from the keyboard. It suffices to cover in all respects the definition of "libertarian" to make Venezuelan fascism an "anti-authoritarian" movement. It is enough to link with some multinationals of humanitarianism, better if they are of the Catholic brand, to raise money at full power: money that is going to be allocated not "to the pots of solidarity", as some opposition sites in Italy announce, but to the offer of mercenaries that we have seen acting during the famous " guarimbas ".
Many of those mercenaries were Italians. One of its main objectives was to attract children to use " guarimbera " violence. The orientation of these sites, for example, https://www.gofundme.com/llenemoslasollas and DisobeyVe, leaves no doubt: they want as president of Venezuela the coup leader Leopoldo López or the self-proclaimed. They are sponsored by well-known faces of the most extreme Venezuelan opposition, present in Italy. They affirm that they want to use "all the means" to get rid of Bolivarian socialism, and their prescription is that of the American libertarians, very far from the libertarians who defend the communion of goods.
In fact, this is how they declare: "We are a political, student and citizen organization that is responsible for creating awareness in people on issues such as: free market, respect for private property, duties and rights of the individual ...". They believe "in libertarianism as a political model" and "pretend" that "through education the individual is maximized and the state minimized."
A recipe that the alleged "libertarians" intend to impose in Venezuela "by any means", and meanwhile boast of the successes achieved so far in universities, neighborhoods and hospitals. One of his main interventions, they affirm, was to cancel and modify all the murals and slogans that the Chavista creativity had spread throughout the cities.
It is from the moment of the coup against Chavez that imperialism seeks to unleash the pattern of "color revolutions" in Venezuela, and since then its organizations have tried to implant the symbols of that balkanization that has become a model for the war of the fourth generation: the logo of the agencies promoted by the CIA as Otpor or Canvas, an organization in which the self-proclaimed Juan Guaidó has trained.
For this reason, libertarians raise dollars, of course, to be assigned to the "Venezuela of tomorrow." On the subject of health, they cite the example of JM de los Rios hospital in Caracas, where protests by opposition doctors were held in response to the appeals of the self-proclaimed and by the entry "at all costs of humanitarian aid » An area in which there exists another antichavista organization, Provea, that disguises its real objectives behind the mask of "human rights".
In this case, the action is subtler, especially if it is directed at readers who live outside Venezuela and do not know its history and politics. For those who do not know, Provea accompanies the former Venezuelan Attorney General Luisa Ortega Díaz, who fled to Colombia, in her complaint to the International Criminal Court for alleged crimes against humanity committed by Nicolás Maduro. The data provided by this organization are the basis for building other lies, propagated by the large humanitarian agencies such as Amnesty International. Your support for the coup plotters is obvious.
However, it must also be remembered that Ortega Díaz was a lawyer who fought for human rights during the IV Republic, close to Provea when, in 1988, the organization denounced the El Amparo massacre, where 14 fishermen died at the hands of the police politics and the armed forces. On the organization's website, there are also traces of the complaints presented during the coup against Chávez.
But then, things have changed to the point where they are today. However, the little knowledge of the European leftist reader could be deceived by the presentation of an investigation carried out by the economist Manuel Sutherland, who uses apparently Marxist parameters, but to arrive at political conclusions that are an advantage for the opposite field.
The humanitarianism of these CIA subsidiaries is obviously a one-way show. It was seen during the visit of actress Angelina Jolie on the border between Colombia and Venezuela. If she had forced herself to cross the border a little, the actress would have seen a real humanitarian catastrophe, imposed by the Colombian government on the natives of La Guajira.
If I had listened to the families of children with cancer who could not perform bone marrow transplants while hospitalized in Italy, due to the financial and economic blockade of Venezuela's resources, I would have seen the true face of the problem: the criminal sanctions of the US . UU they prevent the Bolivarian government from bringing food and medicines to the people, and steal resources from the country with real operations of international piracy. At least 10 ships loaded with gasoline, and other support boats carrying supplies, Maduro reported, were blocked and sabotaged to prevent them from reaching their destination.
And if there is certainly nothing to expect from the hypocrisy of someone who hangs you with one hand and offers you crumbs to eat with the other, nonetheless, we can expect the resumption of internationalism and a great mobilization against the CIA coup. In Venezuela. A good example comes from the port workers of Genoa, who prevented the Saudi boat Bahri Yanbu will carry war material destined for war in Yemen. An action subsequent to that of the French dockers of Le Havre and continued by those of Marseille. "Ports closed to arms, ports open to migrants," shouted the workers. Ports closed to weapons of aggression, ports open to peace with social justice. Gates closed to fascism, open doors to the Bolivarian revolution.
What are the 'guarimbas'?
The social networks promote the organization of resistance groups against the Maduro government that block the streets with barricades and divide the opinion of the citizen opposition FOR THE GREAT VIOLENCE THAT WAS GENERATED IN THESE PROTESTS.
What are the 'guarimbas'?
A fire provoked in one of the 'guarimbas' of protest (Own)
Venezuela reaches 30 days of continuous protests. The Government recognizes a balance so far of 21 dead, 900 injured and more than 1084 detainees nationwide. This scenario of violence remains latent before the resistance of the demonstrators, who refuse to leave the streets in more than 12 cities of the country.
In the midst of the chaos, a group of these protesters chose to extend their acts of protest to all corners of Venezuela where they had access. To this end, the so-called 'guarimbas' were activated, a popular term that is currently used in Venezuela to identify an organized protest in residential areas, with street closures, but which does not face the security forces of the State.
The historian Robert Alonso explains that the term began to be used as a synonym of refuge, when in Venezuela the military commanded Marcos Pérez Jiménez (1953). At that time, the civic resistance designed a method of subversion: It operated against the dictatorship and then run in search of security inside the churches.
"At that time there was no talk of stopping or taking to the streets, the idea was to carry out acts of sabotage near the churches and then run towards them, where they took refuge before" they were touched by the minions of the regime, "adds Alonso.
Hugo Chavez himself coined the term in 1996, when he led the electoral campaign and invited Venezuelans to "resist" in demonstrations against right-wing parties.
For the sociologist Hilda Abreu, the lack of recognition by the Government of that malaise felt by a part of the population in the face of insecurity, scarcity and inflation has caused a part of the protesters to have opted for extreme protests.
Social networks have become the main calling tool for these guarimba.


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Very sad to see what America with its Fascist Capitalists have done to Venezuela, but it can get much, much worse... I hope for your sake, that it doesn't.
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That's right, savage capitalism is destroying us as a society, there are many problems caused by the economic bloc that we have, and as you say, the hope is that it may get worse, all this because of their desire to take what does not belong to them. and believe that they are the owners of the world, thank you for all your help and for thinking about the causes as they are. We in Venezuela will continue fighting for our family despite the fact that we cannot survive to survive all this due to the speculative escalation, the induced devaluation of our currency and the low production of oil because of the blockade and I will continue fighting for the full freedom of country as long as I have life, thank you very much again, God bless you ...
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