Scientists from University of Tokyo stated that nutrition value of Rice will decreased because of increased Carbon Di Oxide level in the atmosphere after analyzed rice samples which were grown under high carbon di oxide environment.

Scientists were telling that Iron, Zinc, Protein, and vitamins like B1, B2, and B9 were reduced in the rice due to grown under high CO2 level environment.
Scientists were analyzed a total of 18 kinds of rice varities which were produced in China and Japan. They produced rice in an open field method and they are using 17 meter wide pipe which was mounted 1 ft above the top of plants within rice fields under research. They were using different type of sensors and monitors to measure wind speed and direction to determine actual level of carbon di oxide level which were released from the pipes and amounts of CO2 concentration under these rice fields were grown up. These process is called as Free Air Carbon di oxide Enrichment (FACE).

Rice is main source of foods in almost all developing countries like Bangladesh, Cambodia, Indonesia, Mynmar, Vietnam and Madgaskar and some places of India . A vast majority of people using rice for their daily energy an protein .

According to scientists peoples consumed only rice for their daily energy and protein may experince more and more malnutrition as nutrition value of rice decreased due to increased level of CO2 in near future.

Most positive aspect of these research is that nutrition level of all varieties of rice were not decreased with increased level CO2 in the environment.Scientists want to find out those varieties of rice whose nutrition value will not decreased with increased level of CO2 in the environment.



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