Oxfan Intermón points out that "World inequality is the disease of the 21st century, since half of the planet's wealth is in the hands of one percent of the world's population."
Neoliberalism, the instrument of capital is the immediate cause, and the adjustment policies based on austerity and monetary restriction are the dagger that plunges into the hearts of the people. Who imposes in Venezuela the liberation of prices, the monetary restriction and wage containment? From a distance Chile seemed asleep, but the grandchildren of those killed and tortured yesterday appeared and in a matter of days they transformed into more than a million stepping on "what was bloody Santiago" and foreshadowing what will become a "beautiful liberated square" .
There is a rebellion in our region. Venezuela does not give up. President Maduro has stood firm defending the transition to socialism and the development of communal society. “It's time for the ovens and you have to see nothing but the light” (Martí).
What is the vanguard that is leading the Chilean people? This reflection arises again from the first international. I think one of Marx's solutions was as follows: "Marx relied only on the intellectual development of the working class, which must inevitably result from joint action and discussion" (Engels). That is, common practice and reflection on that practice.
In what to do? Lenin endorses what Kaustky said: “socialism and class struggle arise in parallel and do not derive from each other… modern socialist consciousness… arises solely on the basis of deep scientific knowledge. It is from the brains of some members ... of the bourgeois intelligentsia from which modern socialism has arisen, and they ... have transmitted it to the proletarians ... So that the socialist consciousness is something introduced from outside in the class struggle of the proletariat, and not something that arises spontaneously within her. ”
The introduction of socialist consciousness from the outside gave rise to the self-proclaimed avant-gardes, bearers of the truth. Cancel the intuition and class instinct and reduce everything to scientific "rigor", which legitimizes the party as the owner of reason, disqualifies minorities and kills the free discussion of ideas


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