I wanted to start a column where I post shorter articles of whatever is on my mind. Just mind snacks. Hors d'oeuvre for the soul.
(Being an avid writer, a "short" post is challenging, but I will try!)
I surround myself with the Bitcoin Cash and libertarian community on Twitter everyday, so naturally, the concept of freedom and liberty is constantly in my mind, and is very important to me. Around these ideas come some philosophical fights with other minds, and some questions to myself.
It would be very easy to point out and judge others when their train of thought is distant from my own. I try to refrain from judging them personally (sometimes it doesn't work either, I am human), but I do try to judge concepts. Especially when it comes to freedom and liberty, it is very important to have mutually agreed, fundamentally stable concepts, if we are ever to achieve this degree of freedom.
But, as a person holding myself to high standards (and failing in my own eyes too, time and time again), the meticulous standard I expect of others seems not human. Humans are malleable. Being flawed is part of humanity. When we raise up these lofty and morally important goals like truth, freedom, and liberty, some people bend.
"This one cryptocurrency isn't as libertarian as (this other one) but it was the thing that was available, so he used it" someone responded to me. I find it hard to digest that liberty is on a sliding scale. When it comes to currency, I would think anything with embedded "masters", or "pre-mined coins" that the founders get, that doesn't sound like liberty, but just another money system with masters.
I cannot reconcile things like that with the absolute purity to which I hold ideals, but I absolutely empathize with the malleability that is basically beaten into us as humans. We start pure and just, willing to stand up for every single thing we feel is right. As we suffer the hard-knocks of life, this attitude becomes more mellow in many: An easy life becomes more comfortable, more attractive, more attainable.
But at some point, we must choose to master ourselves, or be driftwood on a turbulent sea. At some point, we must anchor ourselves and lift our heads out of the water, and breath. If you almost drown, you fight harder. You feel your life the most when it is hardest. Keep the spirit you gain from that, and lift yourself further.
(A small personal journey, a metaphor that unveils my soul, and a short poem, exists behind the following paywall. Destroy the barrier between you and the unseen).


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"There are people who beat you up when you are an iron pole, but there's noone beating you when you are a steel sword."
Steel is iron with imperfections. It can be more resilient than iron. Bitcoin BCH is like steel since it is not a pure system. This makes it stronger. No human is perfect. That is what makes you unique and strong. "BITCOIN IS EVOLUTION"
Keep up the great articles!

   7mo ago
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Thanks Marianne! I will try to write when I can. I was inspired by Craigs article too, that Bitcoin is steel. It makes you think. We go through life as iron, until we reform ourselves as steel. Only then can we fully realise our own potential.
   7mo ago
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Leader and Master are two very different things
Leader is someone we get behind as we like what they do, and true leader should lead by example. Leader cannot force us to follow him, we chose so by our own free will.
Master on the other hand does not lead by example, he instead uses force to force his will onto others.
   7mo ago
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