It was just a normal day, like any other. It wasn't until it felt like a freight train rammed into the base of my skull that I knew something wasn't right. Colorful starbursts fluttered in front of me, or were they behind me? I couldn't feel anything. No sounds rang through my ears, and it almost felt as though water were spewing from my ears and nose. Faintly the starbursts exploded in slow motion. What was going on, was I just dreaming?
As quickly as it came on, it was gone. Then I felt the cold, hard concrete underneath my head, shoulders, and body as everything started to come into focus. A group of men and women were hovering over me, but I had no idea why. Had I fallen and passed out right in the middle of the street? Nothing was certain except that my head was all of a sudden throbbing. A man, probably in his early 40's reached toward me with something dangling from his hand. Instinctively, my head tried to inch backward, unable to go anywhere with the concrete slab underneath me. His lips started moving, like words were coming out. I could still hear nothing. The dangling object came into more clear view and I realized it was just a handkerchief. He reached forward again, pushing the cloth against my nose. My skull exploded with pink, yellow, and green bursts for the second time in only a few short minutes. The man pulled the handkerchief away after a short minute and I noticed it had changed from a clean white to a deep red. Blood? I hated blood, and my stomach almost recoiled from the sight. Wishing I were suddenly anywhere but here.
Where was here anyway? I didn't realize until now that the only words spoken were those inside my head. The only sounds heard were again, only inside of my own head. The faces of those around me looked worried - some even looked terrified.
More minutes passed and I saw red and blue swirling lights nearing as my eyes began to droop. Forcing them open again, I needed to see what was happening. Other senses failing me, my sight was the only thing keeping me going. Being able to see what was happening around me - happening to me. Before now I hadn't felt much of anything. Other than the brief pain now and again, there was nothing. No terror, no longing. Nothing. It was almost as if I was nothing. But how could that possibly be?
Nothing made much sense. Eventually giving in, I let my eyes droop even more until they fully closed. Wishing that they would stay that way forever, I fell into the unknown.


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