is a betting dapp built on top of Bitcoin Cash. Download/update the Keyport app on the Play store and you will see a new tab- FIFA18.
Right now, you can only bet using BCH testnet coins. This is mostly due to legal constraints and also a way for us to test our smart contract script. However, don't let this dissuade you from betting. Bet like crazy! Get your non-crypto friends involved. Show them how easy it is to bet against their friends all over the world without permission from anybody else. Let them come for the fun, bet testcoins, but stay for the ease of Bitcoin Cash! In case you have bet all that you have, request for more testnet coins right from the app. We will also have a leaderboard where the top players will be shown. We plan to reward the top 3 in the leaderboard with some fun BCH goodies. We believe this is an interesting way for the mainstream to get introduced to Bitcoin Cash. For adoption to kick in, we will have to build use-cases that just cannot be done with fiat.
Betting on your favorite team is easy. You choose the match, the team you want to support, how much you want to bet, and the friend you want to bet against. Your friend has to match your bet on the opposing team. After the match, we publish the result of the match and the winner automatically gets the total amount of the bet.
Funds are stored in a smart contract which requires an input from the Oracle. The Oracle just publishes the result of the match and cannot steal any funds. Right now, players cannot cancel the bets they placed. We plan to add functionality to the smart contract such that players can cancel the bet through negotiating with each other without the involvement of the Oracle.
Bitcoin Cash needs Oracles for getting external inputs. We propose a marketplaces for semi-trusted oracles that compete with each other in our Oracle Bazaar whitepaper which we have attached for peer review by the community. FIFA2018 is a demonstration of our methodology and we invite other companies to act as competing oracles. We believe adding external inputs to Bitcoin will unlock many use cases and we leave the possibilities that this brings to the creativity of people's minds.


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