Hello! My name is Derek Jacobs.  I write highly questionable things about movies on my very own website, Plot and Theme.  I started Plot and Theme in 2015 with one purpose:  produce long-form reviews and essays that explain the artistic reasons behind the choices made by filmmakers.  There are movie review sites everywhere on the internet, but I want Plot and Theme to be different. 
I don't just jot down my reactions to movies, I look deeper into why I have those reactions.  What do Casey Affleck and Michelle Williams do with their performances to wrench such empathy from me in Manchester by the Sea?  How does Rodrigo Prieto (the cinematographer from Martin Scorsese’s Silence) frame a long-shot to make me feel utterly powerless – just like the characters?  Why does Tom Ford organize the structure of Nocturnal Animals in such a parallel fashion, and what effect does it have on my understanding of the story he wants to tell?
These are just some of the questions I have been confronted with while reviewing films on Plot and Theme, and I mean to keep it up.  So far, readers have appreciated this style; the number of page views and unique visitors has consistently risen since the site's inception, and the site has passed 300K unique page views!
If you enjoy my movie reviews and essays, you can join in on their creation by participating here on Yours.org through comments and tips, signing up at plotandtheme.com, and by donating (if you so choose, obviously).  If not, I'm still thrilled to have you as a reader, and I look forward to capturing your eyeballs on future blog posts!
I'll be leaving this initial post free (comments, too!) so that I can encourage conversation. I want to hear what you have to think! In the future, movie reviews will also be completely free, whereas longer essays will generally only have the introduction for free (so you can gauge whether you're interested).
Have a cool day, and I hope to hear from you in the comments!


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