First of all, I want to say that this is a project for serious users. Therefore, I recommend that you carefully treat all the requirements and rules of the crypto social network InvestFeed.
In the section "About the project" you can read the following: "... InvestFeed is the epicenter for all things cryptocurrency. investFeed’s evolution involves creating a “One Tab” solution for social networking between cryptocurrency enthusiasts, professionals, and projects. investFeed will also include market data, crowd sentiment, news, information, and integrated asset portfolio/order management through 3rd party APIs (with sharing capabilities)... "

If you understand something from what is written above, then this is already good sign and you have a chance to use this project effectively.

To speak in simple language, this is usual crypto social network with classical elements (the system of rewarding users for activity, the system of curatorship, the system of boostizationre, the communication system etc.) and specific elements of the functional.

If you have already achieved some success in this area or are a leader or representative of another profile project, you can apply for support and get a special badge confirming this fact.

I will not now describe all the specific elements of this project - they are intended primarily for those who are serious about trading and try to keep abreast of all the cryptocurrency events.

This project has its own coin, called the IFT token and even its own affiliate program. Therefore, I recommend registering here at and then you will be on my team.

The InvestFeed project is already quite well known on the cryptocurrency market, in spite of the fact that some of its elements are being actively developed and added. Therefore, we add InvestFeed to the main list of crypto currency networks TOP100 on the Levelnaut website.

Boris Siomin,


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