We all take pictures on our phones, but we are terrible at the time of sharing them. iOS 12, Apple is adding a few new features to the photo app that make it look a bit more like Google Photos.
Note that iOS 12 is currently in beta and that some of the features I mention in this article may change before Apple releases the final version for the month of October.
A new tab called For You (or For You) is probably the most important change to the Photos app in iOS 12. The tab at the bottom of the app is for you to find there memories of photos and videos, as well as suggestion to share .
The funniest part of this feature is the suggestion to share.
If you use the iCloud Photo library, starting with iOS 12, you will begin to see suggestions of what photos to share with specific contacts. It takes a little time for your device to know who is in each image, but you should only assign a contact to one side in a photo once, and iOS 12 will remember your configuration.
When you share photos with people who also use iOS 12, they will receive a message to share the photos they have of you from the same location or event.
A more robust search tool will allow you to search for photographs taken at a specific location, event or person. But instead of searching for a single article, you can now use several search terms to find a particular photo.