In the 21st century, almost everyone uses tech to perform basic everyday tasks with less effort. With the help of various smart devices, we can search for, store, and analyze data much easier, and it is wonderful. However, have you thought about the possible drawbacks of tech? In a matter of fact, although technology makes people’s lives simpler, it also puts our privacy under a big risk. Most modern people store all important data (including personally identifiable information) in a small device that fits in a pocket. This grants quick and simple access to your info. However, it also implies that your data can get into the wrong hands just as easy.
Luckily, with the advanced safety features like Touch ID or passcodes, the risks are minimized. But what if you want to have even more privacy? This article will tell you how to ensure it!
Top Ways To Ensure Your Privacy On An iPhone
If you are an iPhone user, you should already know that even when your device is locked, some info is still available from the lock screen. This may include various widgets, alerts, settings, notifications, etc. Accessing some of these features doesn’t require entering a password, which makes someone's intervention in your personal space not only possible but also quite simple. How could you protect your sensitive information from prying eyes? Luckily Apple’s devices are fully customizable, so below, we will give you some tips on what to do to protect your data.
Disable notifications
Probably letting a stranger see your personal emails or texts is the last thing you want to do. However, that’s exactly what happens if you don’t disable notifications on a lock screen. In this case, someone else can not only read your private correspondence but even reply to some messages without unlocking a device! How to prevent this? Here is a simple guide on how to hide iMessages on iPhone:
  • Go to the settings of your device and find Notifications tab
  • Find the apps that you don’t want to send you notifications on a lock screen (we would recommend going for iMessage and other messaging apps, emails, etc.)
  • Open settings of each application separately and disable lock screen notifications

Disable Control Center
If you are wondering what a Control Center is – it’s a quick-access panel that appears when you slide from the bottom of the screen. It contains some of the key settings, such as Wi-Fi, airplane mode, and other controls. Why don’t you want anyone to access this menu from the lock screen? It’s simple – if your device gets lost or stolen, there is still a chance to define its location with Find My iPhone feature. However, it is only possible if a phone is connected to the Internet. Thus, if someone finds or steals a device that has access to Control Center from the lock screen, they can toggle an airplane mode. This makes it barely possible to find your phone.
To disable the access go to Settings>Control Center>Access on Lock Screen.



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