If you happen to be a movie-buff like many other Indians then it is likely that you have seen the bollywood teaser of an upcoming movie “Stree” starring Rajkumar Rao, Shradhaa Kapoor, and Aparshakti Khurana. The movie is horror-comedy, which is groundbreaking in its own way.
Unfortunately, horror movie genre in Indian cinema is that one area which has never received its due credit. Unlike Hollywood and Korean film industry, this genre was never explored rightly. In the 90s, it was ruled by the famed Ramsay brothers and in the early 2000s, it was done rightly by Vikram Bhatt. Truth be told, the audience is more or less done with the same old Bhoot-Banglas, havelis, the tantric, and climax exorcism scene. They wish to see something out of the box and the good news is that there are film directors and producers who are ready to experiment.
Things are changing for good and the following films are an example of that:
Pari(2018):- This Anushka Sharma and Rajat Sharma starrer film had some loose ends but still it emerged as a path-breaking development in the horror movie genre. The movie is based in a modern day West-Bengal, Bangladeshi refugees, and folklores who travelled from the neighboring country. During the Bangladeshi war of Independence, when refugees travelled to India and left their homes behind, they left with the story of Jinns present in their households so that no one can acquire them when they are gone. The refugees never returned but stories stayed. The movie is loosely inspired from such tales and has an element of history which makes it more interesting.
Stree (2018):- Horror-comedy might not be new to the world cinema, but it is very new to the Indian audience. If we go by the new Hindi teaser, the film looks quite promising. This Shradhaa Kapoor and Raj Kumar Rao starrer will show the concept of that popular Indian folklore in which one lady preys on young male adults.
Ghoul(2018):- Though it is a NetFlix mini-series, it is well received from general public and critics alike. The story is based in an alternate reality where minorities are suppressed and military has taken over the entire country. The mini-series will give you an intense claustrophobic experience and introduce you to a yet another folklore legend that people are afraid to talk about.


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