It would appear that the buzz around "Operation Dragon Slayer" originally began when it appeared on a timeline behind Rob, CTO of Rocketr and creator of Tipprbot during a webcast.
You can see the original thread on r/btc here:
The breakdown of what's on the whiteboard, since it's not that legible, seems to be as follows:
  • 11/08 - Cancel Segwit 2x
  • 11/13 - BCH DAA HF
  • 11/16 - Fake "Segwit 2x"
  • 11/24 - Slush joins BCH
  • 11/25 - Operation Dragonslayer
  • 12/01 - Segwit compatible ASIC boost
  • 01/01 - Coinbase + BCH
  • ??/?? - BTC = BCH
The original video was posted on Youtube on November 12. So far, the first three items have come to fruition, most notably the very obvious bullshit that Segwit2x proved itself to be, while the items yet to come would all be intense bombshells.
While it seems too fantastic that Slush, a long time and exclusive supporter of Bitcoin Core, would move hashpower from Bitcoin Legacy to Bitcoin Cash, the implications would be tremendous.
So rather than speculate, we'll focus on Operation Dragonslayer, a curious term.
The first time I saw this the very first thought I had was that it was related to Blockstream's PR, who calls themselves Dragon's Den. They exist to strictly control and direct the community narrative to suit their backers' agenda.
Naturally, the name Operation Dragonslayer implies some form of assault on Dragon's Den most fundamentally.
Let's take a look at the situations that have come about in the last few days:
  1. Blockstream Lead Developer Greg Maxwell is Caught Hacking and Brigading r/bitcoin with r/bitcoin mods
This is extremely well documented, iron-clad evidence. It's worth a read, especially because this all occurred during the night of Tether FUD.
2. Blockstream CEO Adam Back shills "Halong Mining", Implicates Slush, Gets Shutdown
You can take a look at all the red flags that this may be an obvious scam here:
Even the Logo used for Halong Mining is the same logo as is on Dragon's Den apparel.
Although Slush has conceded that the video was indeed filmed in Slush offices, perhaps there really is merit to Slush and Bitcoin Cash. We'll have to see.
3. Bitcoin Gold, also previously shilled by Adam Back, CEO of Blockstream, and pumped by many notorious Dragon's Den accounts on Reddit, is exposed that their officially supported wallet steals private keys.
Problem is your BGold private keys are also your BTC and BCH private keys....
The evidence is damning.
4. Cobra-Bitcoin Rogue Posts "Bitcoin Knots", an Alternative Software for Bitcoin Nodes to Bitcoin Core Directly on
Seems to implicate that Cobra-Bitcoin has inadvertently revealed himself to be Luke-jr.
The (now censored) r/bitcoin thread:
And as you can see, this has been... well received... (read the comments)
As it stands now, we're at a culminating moment between BTC and Blockstream, and the original Bitcoin community. It seems that people are starting to wake up and question whether or not they may become expendable themselves if they continue to support Core.
The Halong Mining drama has some pretty solid speculation in this thread:
Which, would also confirm "Segwit Compatable ASICBoost" in the whiteboard photo.
Be sure you keep your head clear and watch for astroturfing and apologists. There are a lot of them around right now, using different techniques and methods, to try to confuse and muddle the situation as the truth slowly comes out.
Remember, their goal is to confuse and muddy the narrative so that they can hoodwink and deceive people who are less initiated to what Blockstream has been up to over the last few years.
We'll have to see how things play out as time moves forward, but right now it seems that Blockstream's house of cards is starting to crumble.
The ravens are circling.
Stop the Organ Harvesting Persecution of Falun Gong Practitioners by the Chinese Communist Party: (

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I'm sceptical of this article, as much as I am sceptical of Blockstream, Core et al and even the cash side, albeit being on it!
Nevertheless, it could have merit, in which case it only serves to create more questions than it answers!?
Certainly interesting watching it all play out.
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I knew Segwit was an attack on Bitcoin then I learned the attack was much wider/from more angles and one of the biggest attacks on Bitcoin is coming from within via Blockstream this will be written about in history books.
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