I don't want to be that guy, the one that just sits there and criticizes while not really doing anything to help the situation, but I have to ask the question: Is this it for Yours? I have been a big fan of this site and what it's trying to do ever since I joined. I'm still a big fan of Ryan and his videos and what he contributes to the Bitcoin Cash community. But I am curious if the users of Yours can expect any upgrades to the site in the near future. I hope this doesn't come across the wrong way, but I think it could be helpful to our community if we got some word from the top about what was in store for this site. Even if it was just an explanation saying we have lots of plans but need to hire engineers before moving forward, or we're currently busy working on the money button, etc. I don't think I'm alone in wondering about this, so hoping to get some clarity about the future of this site. Thanks for reading and hope everyone is hanging in there.


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We're fully focused on the money button until August. After that we will return to fixing and improving Yours.
   7mo ago
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@Ryan X. Charles Thanks for the response Ryan. That's what I figured. Glad to hear there are still plans for improving Yours in the future.
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