Friends of YOURS venezuela is going through a great crisis and I know that people need more than I do and many like me can do that it is not enough to give food, clothes and recreation for a day that benefit works are small in the face of so much need.

Since I was little I liked to share my mom used to say that I always wanted to give my things and seeing children on the street asking for lismosna asked them to buy something to eat.
Maybe that's why after many laps between so many races I decided to study initial education to be close to children with little recourse and to be able to reach out to them even if it is not enough.
That God allows me to have more to give today I share these photos of a day of small gifts and some food in a community of extreme poverty.
These girls captivated my heart, the latter is called Rachel study 4 grade. I had some pencils in my hand and he asked me with great emotion to give them to have them as writers in the school I would have liked to have more to give.



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Good job lorennys friend, good-hearted. Let's continue working for a better future, those angels deserve everything. The future of us depends on these children.
   2yr ago