In a post by Ryan X. Charles entitled Predicting the Outcome of the November Bitcoin Fork, Ryan comes up three events that are likely to happen after the November Bitcoin fork:
Scenario 1: Bitcoin Cash wins, Segwit1x survives, Segwit2x dies
Scenario 2: Segwit2x wins, Bitcoin Cash survives Segwit1x dies
Scenario 3: Segwit1x wins, Bitcoin Cash survives, Segwit2x dies
From the three scenarios here, the author wants you to conclude that Bitcoin Cash would be the best investment because it is the only coin that doesn't die in any outcome. However, there is also a very likely fourth scenario where all three coins survive.
First, let's go over the strengths of each coin and what they bring into this fork battle:
Segwit1x: Known as the original Bitcoin to most people in the community. They have the largest support from the bitcoin community including from the Bitcoin core dev team, the forum, the r/Bitcoin subreddit, and the website.
Segwit2x: Claims to have support from 80%+ of the hashing power in the mining community. There are very large pools interested in supporting Segwit2x.
Bitcoin Cash: Claims to be the original version of Bitcoin with Satoshi's vision ™ . Has 8mb block size limits, but its main strength is that it was the first Bitcoin fork and people are using it to hedge against the uncertainty of the upcoming fork.
I think it's really unlikely that Bitcoin Cash will come out on top this early on. It does show a lot of promise, and it would start being used more as long as more stores and exchanges support it. However, right now Bitcoin Cash doesn't have that much support from the community, like I've stated, the majority of the community is rooting for Segwit1x, and that is where most people are putting their money in right now.
What most people aren't seeing either, is that exchanges and pools themselves are already claiming outright support for implementing both Segwit1x and Segwit2x as two separate coins:
" The blockchain that will be generated due to the hard fork is referred to as “B2X” and the existing blockchain is referred to as “BTC”. " -, a popular Japanese exchange
" the existing chain will be called Bitcoin (BTC) and the Segwit2x fork will be called Bitcoin2x (B2X). " - Gdax
It's from my understanding and opinion that all three chains will survive. They each have their strengths and each of their strengths is enough to keep them afloat.

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If there is an outcome in which all three chains survive, can you give an estimate of which chains command which percent of total network value? For example, Segwit1x (1), Segwit2x (.15) and Bitcoin Cash (currently .086). All comments are welcome including explanation. Considering that there are many factions in Bitcoin, each faction will favor itself.
   3yr ago
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I would say Segwit1x (1), Segwit2x (.6), BCH (.2)
This is all out war. It's getting so interesting.
   3yr ago