It appears that a single service run form a single address is responsible for a lot of BCH transactions in the past months. You can watch the address here as it churns out transactions consistently:

Who are they ?

Their website states :
Blitz Ticker Realtime Rate Data on Bitcoin Cash Instantly verifiable, unhackable, and forever retrievable Blitz Ticker is the world’s first rate publisher on the Blockchain. Every second we will distribute rates of crypto, forex, bullion prices and many more onto the free P2P network. Instantly verifiable, unhackable, and forever retrievable. source:
To be clear I am not saying this is bad at all, actually I quite enjoy the idea ! And it is well known that is responsible for 85% of transactions on BSV in the past months (which is awesome).

Where do you get the 50% number from ?

I wonder which % of tx they are responsible for since their launch. Let's try to figure that out.
Watching since April, I assume an average rate of 60k tx/day, this seems like a good average value, even a bit too high.
At 60k/day BCH has had 5'400'000 tx since April (=60000*30*3)
From the block explorer, their address has already sent 2'352'669 tx since April, that is around 43% of all transactions in the past 3 months (2'352'669 / 5'400'000), but it seems the rate is even higher for the past month.
Now the questions that arise are:
  • Do they have a business model ?
  • How can they make money from all those fee-paying transactions ?
  • If they don't, how long can they keep doing this ?

How much are they spending ?

It seems they are doing a few tx/second with 1 sat/byte at 0.272 kb per tx, so 0.00000272 bch / tx, at current price this is $0.00116688/tx (is this correct ?)
Even at 1 tx/second they are currently estimated paying $3000 per month for doing this (0.00116688*1*(60*60*24*30) = 3024.55)
But it seems they have several tx/seconds so are most probably above $10k/month in costs. Here is an article talking about them:
In it they state:
"The money we spend on making sure our indicators are correct is magnitudes higher than a year of tick data on-chain."
So it looks like they are spending even more than we calculated.

Why is this relevant to BSV ?

Another very interesting thing is they state:
“We’re blockchain agnostic however, and as we develop further, we’ll look into a variety of options.”
If they are a legit business with a business model, it could be interesting to tell them about the value proposition of BSV, so we are sure BCH & BSV compete on their own merit, and I am sure anyone in both of those communities would agree.
It will also be interesting to see their project unfold as the BSV society is fond of any project that puts data on-chain & manage to make money out of it !


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Sounds very much like hashwar is still going on, till someone has no more money left.
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