Hello dear friends of Yours.org today I decided to join this platform to face this new challenge that I have proposed, first of all through a group of whatsapp I learned from third parties that this platform existed, which is a bit complex because there is not a guide like total of the same one, but to little I will go knowing it.
I was already forgetting, my name is Cecilia, I am 28 years old, I am Venezuelan, I reside in Italy, first of all I have two great reasons that fill my life with love and hope, my daughters, and second, my family that is still in Venezuela, One of the reasons I'm here is to support my people one way or another, my youngest daughter is still very small and I'm not working alone my husband so I look for a thousand and one ways to generate income and be able to support them by at least economically.
I want to share with you every day my knowledge, my adventures, my ailments, finally thousands of things. Of truth that the little that I have been observing of Yours.org, is that it is a very wide platform, and very united, and its form to contribute with the BTC is the best thing. I congratulate all those people who created this magnificent platform and who in one way or another collaborate and support the community.


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Welcome. It's nice to hear you are helping your family back in Venezuela.
The currency in this platform is BCH. This kind of transactions (tips, votes, little sells ) are not possible with BTC.
Just a little note to make it clear :-) now you are Yours contributor after all and Yours is unique and first of the kind.
I wish you fun and spring of creativity and I am looking forward to read and see more ;) from you.
Thank you. Gracias.
   7mo ago