Like the Judas who betrayed Jesus Christ for 30 pieces of silver, Guaido betrays his homeland for 20 million dollars, and thus betrays his followers, democracy, the peace of the nation and the continent, never the homeland he met someone who fell so low, the Judas act is submissive, creeping to the masters of the imperial Sanhedrin of tycoon Trump, the Judas asks to invade their own nation and surrender their wealth allowing the empire to stay with the most profitable company in the world. Venezuelan State and the Citgo world, in only part of the US there are more than 13 thousand service stations owned by the Bolivarian government thanks to Judas Guaido who serves the interests of the United States.
Without the slightest remorse in an interview made by CNN said that he was aware of what could happen asking for intervention in their own country, ie, the same happened in Libya, in Syria, among other countries, destruction, death and desolation , all this without stupor, the journalist asks if he is aware of this, to which he answers "YES" without impudence, the people ask themselves: What moral reference can a human being have of this Calaña, it will be that he really has Judas in the head and his act ?, as Matthew wrote in his biblical story today that I feel to write is the act of Judas Guaido, breaking the barrier of brazen amazement.
Some biblical historians do not know precisely what image used the coins of those times for which they sold Christ, but the Judas born in our land knows the face of the coin that received George Washington, who when he sees the dollar shine his eyes. I doubt that as Judas Iscariote regrets his actions and tries to compensate the damage he did to more than 33 million Venezuelans and open the door to the devil on the continent, so that a Vietnam in Latin America is produced, it will be known as the Judas most important of the 21st century, or it will take place to return the 20 million dollars to the temple of world capitalism, before such damage of incalculable magnitudes, because until now the nation has lost more than 400 billion dollars as a result of the blockade, ambition of those who oppose us to rule over the ashes of our country, a tree to be hanged as Judas Iscariot would be little for it will occupy the second place of the Judas in Christian history, as the most despicable brought, that is traitor par excellence , with the passage of the days will be erased and forgotten by the gringo go hom, will not be but a theatrical actor of one of millions false positives, that in some occasion will use The empire against a great free and sovereign nation called the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, which has its constitutional president who elected the people on May 20, 2018 in a process of free and direct elections, and was sworn in on the 10th. January as constitutional president. Just as Judas Iscariote remained Guaido as a bad memory of the country.


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