My apologies for waiting 4 months before putting this Youtube video on public. The original plan was to first subtitle the entire thing in dutch. I started working on that the same day as the interview. I translated 5 minutes of the interview in to dutch. It took me 4 hours. I gave up.
Maybe I will finish my dutch subtitles, and maybe I won't. But anyways ... lots of people have asked me to publish the video so here it is.
Also my apologies for the Bitcoin Cash that Roger is giving away. When I uploaded this to Youtube I did so because I wanted YouTube to auto generate their speech to text English subtitles. I then used those subtitles to start working on the dutch ones.
That was very handy because Youtube generates all the write time code. All I needed to do was translate the English to dutch. Anyways, so it took me an entire day just uploading this video to Youtube because my upload speed is tiny. And something went wrong. The video was published under public instead of private and got 23 views.
One of those people scanned Roger's QR code and got the Bitcoin Cash. Sorry. It was meant for the people on, not for a random person on YouTube. I have not posted this on my blog yet, and I won't until I am done with the dutch subtitles and I have a video with the subtitles hardcoded in to it.


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