This drawing is an expression of gratitude for the relentless work of this trio:
@CaptinBitcoin ($BigTroubleLittleChina)
@sirtoshiv ($sirtoshi)
@TheBitcoinTramp ($FloydMayweather)
collectively known as The Bitcoin SV Channel (along with several regular co-hosts/guests and special guests -- apologies for not mentioning all contributors by name)

For all of the talk of economy over community, these guys have created, over the last several months, a hub of goings-on within BSV. Copious amounts of content! There is perhaps not enough time in the week!!
When the BSVChannel first showed up on the scene I wasn't quite sure what to make of it. Initially (during the short while I was on the BCH-BSV fence) I found some of the anti-Roger banter to be a bit off-putting, but as time has passed, I think they have settled into a balance of highly informative interviews with BSV developers and community members, mixed with highly enthusiastic banter around the latest BSV happenings. If your love languages are "words of affirmation" or "quality time" (and maybe also "acts of service") these gentlemen are hitting all the right notes. (see: 5 Love Languages if you are not familiar with the book.)
These guys are very open to speaking with guests, including those with opposing opinions.
Even the trolls are enthralled. They can't stay away, as evidenced by the trollbox/chat.
(aside: Although I am a pretty dedicated listener, it's usually while walking, so no trollbox/chat for me. Plus, I am using YouTube under my real name so there's that too. :p)
The positive contribution of this channel as a gathering space is a refreshing respite from the general adversarial structure of "Crypto/Bitcoin Twitter".
I had a lot of fun making this doodle, one I'd been meaning to make for quite a while now. As I listened to their episode earlier today, I envisioned this fireside chat-like environment inside of a happy, hobbit-like and cozy den. And, finally managed to draw a likeness of Shem (which took several tries). Shem is the one with the extra cheerful and magnetic personality. ;)
If you love their priceless enthusiasm and content, you can still go and ding these guys some dongs (or dollars or pounds or BSV!)

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