Of all the places I've visited so far in Iran, I loved Isfahan the most. In Isfahan, there are several beautiful bridges in the city, Khaju being one of them. The river Zayanderoud is now mostly dry except during the Persian new year, Nowruzm, period. Built in the Safiyeh age, Khajou is a symbol for Isfahan.
The best time to visit Khaju Bridge is definitely at night. It was so pleasant to see people, both young and old, gathering here singing and dancing under the bridge.
My homestay host Hossein studies architecture. He told me some interesting stories of the bridge. The bridge is a simple art and engineering wonder that you won't find anywhere else.
Hossein whispered into one of the alcoves and I can hear the echo on the other side of the alcove. It was so much fun, make sure you try it out when coming here.
If you look diagonally trough the arcs you will see candle forms. Can you spot the shape of the candle here?
This statue is a lion. Khaju Bridge has two lion statues that if you watch them from far enough, will see the eyes glow in the dark. The light was a reflection of the light of the bridge, the statue itself is made nothing but stones.


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