William George gives us the low down on the current state of traditional dispute resolution services and lays out their flaws.

If you’ve ever had to go to a small claims court over unpaid or low quality services then you will understand the headache it creates. What if there was a solution that could solve these problems and even incentivise the users?
In this Interview we talk about Kleros.io, a company William is part of and one Matt is personally invested in. We look at what Kleros is looking to achieve and how it’s working already to solve the issues of our current dispute resolution and juror systems.
Could we use smart contracts to avoid legal fees in divorces? Will big commerce disputes be settled via the blockchain?
Here’s more of what’s mentioned in the episode:
1.40: Introduction to dispute resolution 2.16: Who is William George? He tells us his story and how he discovered cryptography. 4.33: Startup Kleros and the business structure 6:00 The problem with current, traditional dispute resolution systems and different jurisdictions 11:50- Can you use a dispute resolution system to get divorced via the blockchain? 15:50 The amazing benefits of smart contracts in dispute resolutions 19:29 The idea of a shelling point and how it’s used in Kleros to incentivise 21:25 PNK tokens and their place in decentralised cases And much, much more!


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