I had a chat inside the app. The thread had been discussion of potential features.
Then somebody said "i see the city but what does it have other than a chat room?"
My response was, "Some billion dollar apps rely on geolocation and map for user. But instead of all value flowing to silicon valley and Seattle billionaires, [here] people can join and benefit from the value appreciation. This is the magic of Bitcoin [microtransactions]. The question then is , What can't this platform do?"
I was discussing my preference that the app focus on adding photo support into a user-generated review section for hotels, restaurants/bars, apartment complexes, colleges, and gyms. This competes with Yelp and TripAdvisor, where map integration could be added later. This is preferable to generic photo stream support in a central area that people would dump all sorts of random stuff into. If you want randomness and memes, a user can go to twetch. Cityonchain should always construct features that can best leverage the city orientation and the map.
I am also very fond of a the idea to add an events section, which in the long run could compete with apps like Eventbrite. Further down the road, this could support event ticketing. BSV is ideal for this.
For those unfamiliar with the app, it is built on moneybutton transactions. These are currently for city owner during exchanges, ad updates, chat room title, and chats. All users also do them for city chat messages and setting hearts.
It has occurred to some of us that the chat "hearting" is a good way to do charity fundraising. This is particularly true if you can get somebody with a following to come to the chat location. In Cityonchain, the chat location is naturally a city. Interestingly, there is a city in Africa named Kanye. Somebody had the creativity to declare Kanye as a virtual city dedicated to the artist. The artist has been invited by the city owner via a tweet.
This city owner also promotes https://satoshipledge.com/ I thought that it was good and interesting work. I don't know whether it is a formal organization (yet), but this website is about helping to onboard other charities into the Bitcoin SV ecosystem where they can realize the benefits of BSV. The charitable group has also received a digital donation inside Cityonchain, where it can make its virtual home in a city based in Argentina. It is located at https://cityonchain.com/chatRoom/5fe148be927111e9871154e1adf07fa6
In the paid content section this week, I will show what a Cityonchain city transfer looks like as a transaction on the block chain and offer a few more thoughts. I invite you to look if interested.


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Just so user know, Ligao is the city where TC is set up to answer questions for CoC https://cityonchain.com/chatRoom/5fe34090927111e99f4554e1adf07fa6
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