Hi community!
For a while I have been focus with my own trade company and family until recently I made a website for learning Italian using BitcoinSV and Money Button.
The site is https://talkitalian.online and it is a very simple site.
What we offer is:
* translations
* talking time
* Italian cultural course
* Italian trip designing
Why I launched this site?
The reasons are mostly two:
* I love teaching my own language, I have done for 12 years and I have right curriculum to do it
* I want to contribute to use and let use BitcoinSV. After trying unsuccessfully to sell my food items for BSV, I realized that a service involving learning language could be working better.
I hope some of you are looking yo give a try!


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I forgot to mention, the logo has been purchased on fivebucks.com by Moeez and the coming banners and graphics will also be purchased through BSV.
   7mo ago