I also do have a boyfriend (funny to say that in our age), partner, musician, father of Anika and Paola.
Please meet him through his post (he started Steemit, encourage by a friend who is making life with his posts; there is long way to go yet, but I am surprised by his writing, all on phone)

You can easily show him love through tipping here, as he to wants us to reunite with Anika, Paola and me. As a independent artists, who lived long time out of ordinary society, often with no electricity or internet access, eventough we have skills that many would appreciate or want to learn from us, we did not make it yet out ouf "surviving".
This is no complain, we are super rich in all other parts in self development, which can not be purchased with any kind of money, evern sound money. And you know what? If I would have a man, who would provide life for me and our kids, I would not have been, ever, where I am now. OMG! I even have a colored coins for Number_Sonics. Things are not back and white, and we rarely see the higher picture.
With the coming Money_Button release, I know, we are super close to bringing financial independence into our reality (especialy becasue I got rid of a block with money and selling things - kind of hippie influence. I even feel proud to use and recieve BCH and make people use it, if they want to have their very own melody, derived from name/DOB. I am the only one doing this and I only accept cryptocurrency as payment. Money_Button is what I was waiting for, to be able to use mild manipulation. It is many crypto inclusive, while working on BCH, alias, Do you want unique melody ? Use unique money to get it.
I will target people interested in numerology, astrology, healing, self development, while not having a clue about cryptocurrency, and BCH even less. By selling them my tunes, through using Money_Button, I will help them to get into cryptocurrency, and increase adoption, which help us and them. Win-win. I can easily reach over there with my Number_Sonics tunes, now, when I am more confident, skilled and exited!

Anyhow, here is the article Leon wrote, thanks to all who are reading this.