In these days we have been awaiting the results of the meeting that in the Italian city of Rome held on March 19 (Holiday Day in Elorza, in the heart of plain apureño) some delegations of the US and Russian governments headed by the Special Envoy of the Government of Trump for Venezuela, Elliott Abrams and the Vice Chancellor of Russia Sergei Riabkov, to discuss the current situation of Venezuela and the possibilities of seeking negotiated solutions to the serious crisis that affects us daily as part of the great social majority . After knowing the appreciations of the meetings and their results, exposed by each one of the representatives of these Powers with acknowledged Global Power, we can point out that it is possible that we are managing to open some small slits that allow to avoid a factional war, like the one that it was inoculated from outside and inside Yugoslavia, that great nation located in front of the Adriatic Sea, which after the multiple conflicts spiced with toxic ethnic, religious, tribal, territorial and linguistic variables, exclusive and intolerant, ended invaded, bombarded and intervened with the weapons and NATO troops, divided into 6 nations and one seventh (Kosovo) that currently claims to have that status as well. They are small nations that have emerged with serious weaknesses and an unpayable External Debt towards the countries that bombed their bridges, hospitals, universities, highways, roads, buildings dedicated to pre-school, primary and secondary education, industries, family and industrialized crops, urbanism of single-family and multifamily housing, in addition to public and private buildings. After that intervention of "humanitarian salvation", it was invaded, divided and assigned the respective aliquots of the enormous and unpayable external debts for ALL the expenses of the invading war with their respective interests. The psychological, psychiatric, emotional, economic, territorial, family consequences are there along with the ruinous areas left by the "humanitarian bombings" in Croatia, Bosnia-Herzogovina, Serbia, Montenegro, Macedonia, Kosovo.
We Venezuelans have the obligation to ... "press to avoid turning Venezuela into the scenario of the beginning of a real fire of the Prairies, Serranías, Siembadíos, Caseríos, Cities that would begin here and would spread through a part of Latin America and the Caribbean We would put the wounded, the mutilated, the dead, the infrastructures to be destroyed ... while others take advantage of our resources and our subsequent weaknesses as small and destroyed Republics If we let them impose that agenda of war and destruction we should only read a bit about Yugoslavia , Iraq, Afghanistan, Sudan, Yemen, Libya, Syria ... Colombia with its guerrillas and narco-paramilitaries between the 1940s and the present ... "
This is so true of the conditions of privilege that the governmental and opposition elites have in the current circumstances that we can show them in the following way. We have a significant number of members of the elite that, between the governments presided over by Hugo Chávez and Nicolás Maduro (1999-2019), have served as parliamentarians, governors, mayors, ministers, vice-ministers, directors and presidents of important companies and government institutions. now they can be located having a high standard of living and access to large portions of foreign currency in cities in the US, Europe, Latin America, the Caribbean, Asia, the Middle East and Oceania. From these comfortable and comfortable rooms and making use of part of the money stolen and stolen from the Nation-State budget, some of these characters suggest and call for greater sanctions against Venezuela and the Venezuelans. Surely those calls to the war between Venezuelans are made while they count the "so many" or points of the hands of the domino game, between the slow movement of the chess pieces (pieces of pure gold?) And near a pool or "heated" jacuzzi or while reviewing the electronic reports of their international currency placements and the key reports of the financial operators, holding in their hands their respective glass of Scotch of age, their cold beers or a glass of red wine , white or champanizado of reserve and denomination of origin, accompanied with their respective tobacco of high price.
Likewise, we have a large number of members of the Venezuelan opposition political elite that live comfortably in cities of those same countries already mentioned, with financing from governments, transnational corporations, international organizations and foundations that serve as facades of intelligence agencies of various countries and of transnational companies. From those comfortable and comfortable living conditions, they travel through different countries requesting more sanctions against this Nation-State and consequently against the social majority that constitutes the main depository of ALL those measures and punishments. Additionally, they request that a Global Power like the US intervene militarily and that together with other countries of South America initiate against Venezuela a factional war where Colombia with its internal armed conflicts and its narcoterrorism of almost 70 years uninterrupted would remain as "a child of chest" against a violent war and destruction in our country.
Sorry I'm lost but I've been busy I'll always write what I have time.



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