Many intellectuals who are called "left" and even "decolonial" are now engaged in the middle of a coup d'etat to make the list of the defects and errors of Evo Morales. They are the same ones that 10 months ago denounced Maduro in the middle of the attempt of coup d'etat of the empire with the self-proclaimed Juan Guaidó.
I denounced them publicly at the time with videos and writings that you can see on my wall. Now they are doing the same with Evo. Everyone maintains a delusional radical anti-extractivism. Those who have gone against Maduro now go against Evo with that radical pro-imperial anti-extractivism.
There are many mistakes and problems that we can criticize about progressive governments in Latin America. I would have done certain things differently and it would be important to discuss the mistakes at the right time and not in the middle of a coup d'etat.
What we cannot lose sight of is the following: The profits of the transnationals and of the financial capital have been those sacrificed in the processes of the progressive governments for the benefit of the people. In addition, the geopolitical interests of the empire that wants to keep mining and oil reserves in their hands and that these governments have nationalized have been sacrificed. That is why the imperialists strongly oppose these anti-neoliberal governments and that is why the empire seeks to knock them down. Neither Chavez nor Evo created extractivism. Extractivism in Venezuela and Bolivia is a colonial heritage of the international division of capitalist / imperialist labor that you cannot eradicate with a parliamentary decree.
None of these progressive governments can jump extractivism from one decade to another without the collapse of their countries' economy and their governments fall. That radical anti-extractivism is politically delusional. At least both the Evo government and the Bolivarian government have considered overcoming long-term extractivism, which is not considered by any neo-liberal government and any imperialist country in case progressive governments fall and control the resources of Bolivia and Venezuela. If the Bolivian and Venezuelan economy collapses you will have a pro-imperialist and racist government there that will hyper-extractivistly exploit all the resources of those countries and privatize everything for the benefit of transnationals, international financial capital and the oligarchies of the day as they did after the fall of Nilma in Brazil, Correa in Ecuador and Cristina in Argentina.
That is why I give critical support to progressive governments and I strongly oppose the imperialist interventions that they try or have managed to overthrow. Millions emerged from poverty and above all from extreme poverty. The latter cannot be underestimated in countries whose poverty levels were above 60 percent of the population. A mono-export economy inherited from centuries of colonialism does not allow you to jump out of extractivism even in three decades. The materiality of the political economy does not allow it. To overcome it, it is necessary to diversify the economy and that is very difficult to do immediately in a world imperialist capitalist market where you have been assigned as a country to export one or two products for centuries. To think that you are going to diversify the economy in less than three decades and overcome extractivism is something very delusional and ends up producing a politically counterrevolutionary turn by demanding something impossible to do in the short term. Demanding to eradicate by decree the extractivism inherited from imperialism to progressive governments and treat them as if they were responsible for the extractivist economy, to conclude that they are therefore the same as the right, that is, treating them as enemies is politically very problematic. Putting Evo with Mesa in one place, Maduro with Guaidó, making them equivalent is reactionary. If we do not put the problem of imperialism at the center of our analysis and if at the same time we demand delusional perfectionism from progressive governments, we end up in complicity with the empire as has happened to the "colonial Decolonials." With the documents they have signed on Venezuela they have been discredited everywhere. And then they ended up meeting with Guaidó and saying that Guaidó is more legitimate than Nicolás Maduro. Now they go for Evo in the middle of a coup d'etat. This political and mental confusion is very colonial and comes from a lack of understanding about what imperialism means as a political, economic and military system worldwide. De decolonial have nothing but rhetoric. They are colonial intellectuals who have taken sides with the empire. Let's not lose sight of this.


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Yes, you are very correct on this, the Capitalist propaganda puppets create narrative blaming the Socialist/leftist government which the people elected, for the economic problems which are more so then anything else, connected to external Capitalist Imperialism right there from US, UK and to lesser extend, other Capitalist countries, who use military and economic warfare, economic isolation, so to drive the population in despair, then promise them great future IF they overthrow the Socialist/Leftist government in favor of "Free Market" Capitalism... and if people do that, they get screwed over even more.. at first it seems better, as money from these Capitalist Imperialist starts coming in, BUT this does not go for the benefit of the people, it only goes to fund EXTRACTION of wealth from the country and its people, to also create social engineering and change mindset of the people, to become mindless materialist consumers and lose all social, humane, values.
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