There is a lot of talk about decentralization since Bitcoin went out into the world, proclaiming to be completely decentralized, since no company governs it by some CEO and a board of directors. But decentralization has its pros and cons, and not everything is completely decentralized
Decentralization prevents large companies from enriching themselves at the expense of those who use their services, in exchange for profit miseries compared to what the top managers of the companies earn.
It avoids having to entrust the security of our economic assets to a third party, thereby acquiring better levels of security, as even the major credit card companies have been victims of hacking, affecting thousands of users, as well as banks. are affected by this kind of large-scale theft. In the case of cryptocurrency portfolios, there is a minimum possibility of hacking, since hackers can not interfere with the client server communication lines, because in this case there is no such server, since the communication is with a super cluster formed by millions of interconnected computers, and the only way to hack is for us to give them our private access codes, or to have direct access to our device where those keys are stored.
You do not have to sign any contract to be part of a decentralized community, nor are you accountable to anyone - unless the government imposes the application of special taxes.
Not everything that claims to be decentralized is completely. For example, Bitcoin is dominated by large companies of Exchange and large-scale pools, because they are the ones who actually make decisions about the future of the currency, so it can be compared with the board of a company, with the difference that in this case the difference of opinions causes bifurcations that can give rise to new derivations of Blockchain that give rise to new cryptocurrencies, which may or may not have the support of the community of miners and investors. What can be considered decentralized is to use a Wallet installed in our device, because that way you have complete control of the security of our currencies.
If Wallets is used online, decentralization is completely abandoned, since it is the company that gives us the online Wallet that takes control of our currencies, and makes the decisions on which chain to follow when a fork occurs. When using an online Wallet we usually do not have control over keys or private keys, so it is impossible to migrate the wallet to another side, or make any movement that requires our key.
When using a decentralized system it is very difficult to have any legal security, because there is no type of insurance that protects us or guarantees our security, because for example having a bank account or a credit card there is the possibility of claiming to be victims of robbery, and the funds may be returned, but in a decentralized system it is impossible to get the stolen funds back, unless the person who stole them will return them voluntarily. Reason why we should have emphasis on the security we have on our funds, such as using USB wallets can contribute to exponentially improve our security.


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