This is a topic I am intending to write on for a very long time. And I think this is something we need to be more open about. The more we share and the more we talk, the better will be. I don't have any hard science to back it up or journals to quote, it's just what I feel so it's anecdotal at best.
I got the idea first to write about depression and especially my experience with it, after reading this.
And it made me think. So many of us are depressed and yet so few open up about it? I mean, it's important we talk and tell each other ots okay. Because being depressed from my own experience, most of the people are like,'Cheer up, man. You are alive. Have something to eat. There is no reason for you to feel this way'. Except this is not how it works. It's not that simpe. And it's not just about having enough to eat and live.


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Dear UJ, I still haven't gotten behind the paywall, but here's my two satoshis:
I think a lot of our misery has to do with the disconnect between expectations and reality. And a feeling of being disconnected in general.
Unrealistic expectations are fueled by what we encounter on mass media and social media. Find the people who are keeping it real, as much as possible, amongst the well-crafted public narratives.
Brené Brown does interesting research on vulnerability and human connection. If you are not familiar, here's a starting point:
I'm sorry if I didn't address the rest of your article but there's so much awesome and free content on the internet that you really need to differentiate yourself and produce a large volume of work over a long period of time, if you want a chance at gaining people's attention.

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Thank You very much Satoshi for the great comment. And I agree for the first point. Misery is cause by having too many desires and you can't desire things you don't know about. Social media and mass media does play a role at it. The better off you are, the more chances of you being depressed, mentally ill. To talk about financial woes, I would quote from this article from 1915,
“In the first place I find that the rich suffer perpetually from money troubles. The poor sit snuggly at home while sterling exchange falls ten points in a day. Do they care? Not a bit. An adverse balance of trade washes over the nation like a flood. Who have to mop it up? The rich. Call money rushes up to a hundred per cent, and the poor can still sit and laugh at a ten cent moving picture show and forget it. But the rich are troubled by money all the time.”
So in short, ignorance is bliss. Not the ignorance of law just the ignorance of what you are missing out on.
That said, there are other reasons for depression as well that o have tried to discuss.
As for the second point, I know my limitations and not getting the desired result does bother me ,but the entire point of this article was that it's not so bad. And I get your point about being unique and developing your own style and I am trying that.
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