Electric Tears

Scientists have discovered that an enzyme found in our tears called, "lysozyme," can actually produce electricity. When lysozymes are crystallized, they appear to have an electrical polarization resulting from the application of mechanical stress, through a property called, "Piezoelectricity."
Environmental scientists are constantly searching for new and better ways to produce electricity. Within the last 100 years, wind power, nuclear power, and solar power have proven to be somewhat effective, but not complete solutions, as wind power requires wind, solar power requires sunlight, and producing electricity through nuclear power involves very costly problems with disposal of nuclear waste, as well as possible hazardous leaks.

Personal Speculations

With the over-abundance of liberal tears throughout the past year alone, perhaps scientists can find a way to convert these tears into environmentally friendly solutions for powering our cities, businesses, and homes. There is no shortage of liberal tears, and it is estimated, (by me) that the supply of these types of tears will only increase in the coming years do to the current political projections, (estimated by me,) which will likely produce more than enough "tear-power," to last for many years to come.

Actual Quote

In article by Sara G Miller, of "Live Science," The scientist that discovered the electrical properties within our tears, (Aimee Stapleton) stated that, "The capacity to generate electriciy from this particular protein [lysozyme] has not been explored."
Note: All aspects of this article that involve "liberal tears," or the abundance of such tears, are based on my opinions mixed with a bit of humor.



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