Today I am going through a really difficult time for me. They may not be serious like what someone else may be living, but the pain and emotions are not transferable. Pain and suffering is so personal, each person can only fight so that emotions and circumstances do not crumble you.
I am sure that there are people with worse situations than mine, but exactly their sufferings are not mine, nor my pain is theirs. I am also sure that neither they wanted to be in my place nor I in theirs.
But those of us who love life, that of ourselves and that of our families, have something in common: hope. Maybe you just have confidence in yourself to get ahead, maybe you are a deep believer of God and trust him to follow your path through life. And there is hope, it doesn't go away, you don't lose struggles every day so you don't lose it. You do it with love, with love for you and yours. In compression of life and the world. Life is as it is, as is the world: we cannot change it, but we can contribute with a grain of sand so that this is a better one for those around. For ever and ever this is so. And it is something we learn with the blows that life and the world gives us.
Throughout my life I have been through depressions (the most horrible, well, I get terrible thoughts of suicide) until I manage to overcome them day after day of meditation, exercises and cooking. I meditate on life and love for my family. I exercise skipping the rope (I love skipping the rope) and cook with passion for myself and my family and friends.
I know what I will get out of this bad moment that I am going through. If you are in a similar situation, I encourage you to think and meditate, exercise and follow your passions. Do not give up life is to live it: and in it there are sufferings and joy, love and hate. Come on, if you think about it, it's fun and what makes you feel alive when everything has happened and only memories remain. Therefore, in each battle against despair I invite you to be victorious.

Writing my emotions and thoughts also helps me a lot in my self-therapy. I hope to motivate others to feel better and think better about their lives. Also, I am looking to raise $ 300 to start my little bakery from home and thus get out of so many economic problems that I am going through. If you have any work for me in which I can help you or you simply want to donate to me, I will be very grateful.



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