My guitar was not well. Unfortunately it got worse. It is almost not playable. The sound is rather annoying then pleasant.

I could take a bitcoin (cash) out and buy me a new one, theoretically, yet, because we have "only" few of them, and they actually are a heritage for our girls, given in advance, from my brother. (to whom I explained crypto, fiat and possible future the last summer and begged him to give it to us sooner)
I can not do it morally. I really need to save at-least one for each of them.

It is something else to purchase food and survive, provide for the kids, or spend it on little things to add to adoption, and something else to purchase a big thing for myself. I do not want another crap guitar, and a semi decent one coast several hundred euros.

So, I am left with writing for now.
I know, (or maybe just believe) that we rarely see the higher reason and perspective of things happening in our lives. And that everything has a reason.
Instead of then being unhappy, angry or frustrated, I am taking this occurrence as a challenge and opportunity to do something else for a while.
I do like writing and reading, but thorough the endless doubts, I never became really consistent in it, never provided content regularly, kind of gave up too many times. I often ask, who am I to say, to whom I want it to say, and then I do not say nothing.

Maybe life gave me an opportunity to change that, I am taking it, and I whisper:

Thank You, I do my best, and try to flow with it.

Behind paywall : My birthday is coming soon, turning 40 and my sister gave me as a present money to pay an acupuncture session for myself. My lower back hurts, I do not believe in doctors, and also the woman does Reiky and I was curious how my chackras are etc and I am sharing some words and picture about that.
and I am sharing some words and picture about
In case the post will generate me 10 dollars, I will make the pay-content free for everyone.
I seen this idea in meta category and I like it and want to try it out. Read the idea here.



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Misha, I feel you. A long time ago, I promised myself I'd buy a nice digital piano before a car. Hmm, if I recall correctly, the car came first (for the commute to the job, to earn money for the piano). One day I'd love to be playing a baby grand piano in a house that's big enough for it and a window with a view. Is that too much to dream about? In the meantime my digital Yamaha with one sticky key will have to do (or be fixed). ;)
Isn't it interesting how a deflationary money encourages saving over frivolous spending and mindless consumption? I think our planet needs BCH. On second thought, maybe the baby grand is not needed (well, it's a want but not a need).
Thank you for sharing your blog #1. It inspired me to read up on chakras. I hope you are still playing your guitar (no need to stop before your instrument upgrade).
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@Satoshi Doodles
Thank you for your comment and tip :-)
In my opinion, keep dreaming about house big enough with baby piano. I will come visit you there when I am the punk grandma (latest) if you allow me (us). And play you your tune on it, if you will like. I am sure, that if you will have what you need (want) other people will benefit as well, as I do think you are that kind of person who knows, that sharing is caring and caring is sharing. We even witnessed that with your donations to @EatBCH.
That I inspired you to read about chakras I am very happy about. It is very interesting "thing" that is known on East, but not so much on the West yet.
Music tones are connected with chacras as well. The lowest, with tone C and up up up the highest with tone B.
Is it possible, if someone is listening to music, that is derived from their own date of birth, can experience a harmonizing effect? Time will tell...
I made a blog #2 and it is your interest that is the engine of it. I know, that your are there, somewhere, and will read some or all of my posts. They say, in music too, even if you play and have a one listener, you are improving yourself. Thank you, ...
@Cain, I think similarly of you to :) and I thank you.
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